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Sweet Chili Shrimp

Looking for a super quick & easy, light & flavorful seafood dish that's perfect for this summer weather (with a refreshing glass of rosé )? Look no further than this Sweet Chili Shrimp recipe from Crown Verity Inc. 🦐🔥. Serve it with rice or salad 👌.


  • 1/4 C sweet chili sauce

  • 2 limes juiced

  • 4 Tbsp brown sugar

  • 4 Tbsp garlic

  • 4 Tbsp chopped basil

  • 4 Tbsp chopped coriander

  • 1 lb shrimp


  1. Combine the first six ingredients in a pot and bring it to a boil. Then turn the heat off and let it stand.

  2. Now season the shrimp with salt and pepper.

  3. Grill the shrimp on medium heat for 2 -3 minutes per side. Be careful not to over cook. The shrimp will turn pink when done.

  4. While shrimp is on the grill baste with sauce.

  5. When plating pour the remainder of the sauce on shrimp.



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