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Built to withstand salty air

The entire grill, down to the bolts and washers is 304, #4 finish stainless steel. You never have to worry about rust, even after a good power washing or storm.

Built to withstand high winds

With a pilot light ignition system, individually controlled burners, and optional wind guards, Crown Verity’s grills can perform under harsh wind conditions.

Built for the Island environment

Crown Verity can be found within homes and resorts in numerous Islands throughout the world.  

Built for parties

Trusted by professional chefs, country clubs, and resorts around the world. Crown Verity’s outdoor equipment can be found at premier golf courses that are featured on the PGA tour and at top tourism resorts and hotels. Designed to perform for 20 to 20,000 guests - the grills, fryers, sinks, and heaters enable chefs to create a memorable experience outdoors late into the evening or season.

Built for great food

Individually controlled burners allow you to direct the heat where you want it so you can have evenly controlled heat and high heat, fast. The dome is designed to act like a convection oven and the deep-water tray adds moisture to the food, while minimizing flare ups.

Built by professionals

No assembly required. Factory trained technicians build and test the grills so you can get the party started quickly.

Built to last

Since 1991, Crown Verity has been making grills and outdoor equipment that have stood the test of time, which is why we offer an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Built to be flexible

Turn a grill into a griddle for a special brunch or add accessories and shelves with the pin & slide system. No tools needed, everything is pre-drilled.

Built for anywhere

Travel with a Crown Verity - Swivel casters, 14”, 7 spoke wheels, strong crash bars and handles allow for easy transport to any location and can be set to propane or natural gas. 

Built for function

Easily store the propane tank, with a slide and stow system and configurable shelves, drawers and doors for easy prep areas and clean work station.

The perfect BBQ for life in Bermuda.


Let's get started.

Let's build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams together.

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