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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

We ❤️ working with our clients to help them design an outdoor kitchen with our Crown Verity Inc. Built-In Grill as its centerpiece. Here are some great reasons to consider an outdoor kitchen for your backyard.

It's customizable.

With an outdoor built-in grill, you can design your setup to maximize your grilling and cooking experience. Crown Verity offers everything from accessories, storage, side burners, fryers, refrigeration, and sinks to customize your grill and your outdoor kitchen for your needs.

Extends your entertainment space.

Create an outdoor oasis for family and social gatherings with patio furniture, patio heater, and much more to create a comfortable space with your Crown Verity built-in grill at the heart of it. An outdoor kitchen provides an extended living space where you can create new memories with the people who matter most.

Adds value to your home.

Crown Verity grills are constructed with 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and can withstand all seasons and the island's salty air. Having a Crown Verity built-in grill provides a lifetime of enjoyment and provides a high rate of return on investment.

Makes cooking easier.

Grilling and cooking on your outdoor grill not only keeps your home from getting filled with smoke and lingering food odors, it also keeps your house cool which can lead to lower utility bills. If you have a complete outdoor kitchen with a sink, refrigeration, and storage, then it also eliminates the trips in and out of the house.

Healthier cooking.

Having an outdoor kitchen makes you want to cook at home more often, and cooking at home tends to be healthier than eating out. Grilling is also a healthy and delicious way to cook most of your favourite dishes.

Ultimate Grills Bermuda will help you design the ultimate outdoor kitchen. We offer site visits to understand your vision, and offer design services to make that vision a reality. Contact us at to get started.



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