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5 things to consider when buying a new BBQ grill in Bermuda

The quality of stainless steel should be top of mind when buying a BBQ grill that can stand up to Bermuda's environment.

Outdoor living is something to cherish in Bermuda, where our patios and pergolas are the places we go to unwind, relax and entertain year-round.

To fully take advantage of Bermuda's natural outdoor ambience, a great grill is a must have item. Yet, as any local grill master knows, the high humidity and salt-spanked climate will punish an inferior product.

With this in mind, here are the top five things to consider when buying a new bbq grill in Bermuda:

  1. Due to Bermuda’s salty air, it’s important to find a grill that uses high quality stainless steel so you never have to worry about rust.

  2. Look for a grill that’s built to withstand our high winds. Consider a grill that has a pilot light ignition system, individually controlled burners, and optional wind guards.

  3. With Bermuda’s year-round bbq season, a grill that has a flexible design for multi-purpose cooking is key, so you can turn your grill into a griddle for a special brunch, or add accessories and shelves with no tools needed.

  4. You may just want to take your bbq grill with you – to the beach, the dock, by the pool – so it’s important for a grill to have a robust body, wheels, swivel casters, crash bars, and handles that make for easy maneuverability and transportation.

  5. A good warranty is key. Look for a brand that offers a limited lifetime warranty so you can be sure your investment is protected.

Raymond Beaulne, owner of Ultimate Grills, a division of Bermuda Rentals Ltd., sought to identify and import a top quality grill that can stand up to Bermuda’s weather and provide a cooking experience that satisfies everyone from the weekend warrior to the professional caterer.

"Bermuda waters have a very high salinity count, and given our proximity to the water, I have seen the damage it does to metals and finishes, including several of my bbq grills - which I've had to replace every 3 years. I was determined to find a grill that can withstand Bermuda's environment. After visiting the Crown Verity headquarters in Canada, I was certain I found the ultimate grills."

Crown Verity Grills

Since 1991, Crown Verity Grill’s attention to quality and detail has produced a grill that has stood the test of time and offers professional standards for a home or business. They are recognised by world-class chefs for their precise cooking control, intelligent features and build quality.

The quality construction is delivered by factory trained technicians and there is no assembly required. Configurable shelves, drawers and doors allow for easy prep and a clean work station.

Of course, quality construction ensures the longevity of the product, but it is the cooking experience that truly makes Crown Verity grills stand out. Individually controlled burners allow you to direct the heat where you want it, so you can have evenly controlled heat, and high heat, fast. The dome is designed to act like a convection oven and the deep-water tray adds moisture to the food, while minimizing flare ups.

Crown Verity Grills are trusted by professional chefs and caterers and can be found at leading resorts and outdoor events around the world, including premier country clubs and golf courses that are featured on the PGA Tour.

Quality time outdoors is a privilege to enjoy in Bermuda, isn’t it time to make sure the grilling experience measures up to it?

Visit our showroom to see our selection of Crown Verity Grills for sale and rent. We are located at at Bermuda Rentals Ltd., 18 Bakery Lane, Pembroke. For more information on Crown Verity Grills email us at



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