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10 Reasons Why Your Next Grill Should Be A Crown Verity Mobile Pro Grill

In the market to replace your old and rusty grill with one that's designed for durability and performance? Look no further than the Crown Verity Mobile Pro Grill.

Crown Verity Mobile Pro Grill in Bermuda

Crown Verity's passion is to bring the precision and power of commercial kitchens to your backyard. So they design and manufacture grills that are reliable and go beyond traditional industry specifications. Here are 10 reasons why your next grill should be a Crown Verity Mobile Pro Grill.

Crown Verity Pilot Light System

1. Pilot Light System

Crown Verity grills are built to consistently produce high heat and high volume, fast.

2. Grill Anywhere

Swivel casters, 14" wheels, strong crash bar and handles allow for easy transport to any location, and can be propane or natural gas.

3. Precision and Evenly Distributed Heat

Individual control burners, each maintaining 15,000 BTUH allow chefs full control, distributing the heat evenly across the surface.

Crown Verity individually controlled burners

Crown Verity easy drain water tray

4. Easy Drain Water Tray

The deep water tray allows moisture to lift into the food enhancing the flavours. Falling grease is captured and extinguished minimizing flare-ups.

5. Circulates Heat Like a Convection Oven

The large roll dome operates like a convection oven to maintain the heat.

Crown Verity roll dome circulates heat like a convection oven

6. Easily Customizable

Crown Verity's unique pin and slide system allows you to remove the lid for transport or to add a griddle plate.

7. Guaranteed Durability

The entire grill, down to the bolts and washers is 304 #4 finish stainless steel.

Crown Verity Grill 304 stainless steel

Crown Verity industry leading warranty

8. Industry Leading Warranty

Crown Verity's industry leading warranty includes lifetime on the body and cooking grates, and 10 years on the burners.

9. Never Worry About Rust

You never have to worry about rust even after a good power washing.

10. Fully Assembled

30", 36", and 48" grills come tested and fully assembled by Crown Verity trained technicians and ready to perform at any size event.

Crown Verity grills come fully assembled

Ready to make your next grill a Crown Verity Mobile Pro Grill? Contact us at 292-7172 or send an email to today!






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